100 Days to Offload

Ok, fine, I’ll try it. I will fail, but fuck it we’re in lockdown.

Kev, the nutter, came up with 100DaysToOffload. Write something on your blog every day for 100 days. Funny joke, right.

So here we are, new Hugo site, new url, same lack of content.

These days, I am spending most of my time getting my arse kicked by my turbo trainer, fucking up at growing things in the garden, going for long walks, bird watching, and complaining about working from home. So expect some of that, I guess.

I was going to post yesterday but it took me all day to remember how Hugo and Netlify worked (because free hosting is the best hosting). And to acquire a url (yes that is the most important part, you’re right). It was remembering how to build the aws function for the comment retrieval that took the longest to be honest but I love that functionality so had to maintain it.

So here’s to the next 100 days, and probably about 4 blog posts. So it goes.