100 Days

100 Days to offload. Completed it, mate.

Sort of. I don’t really feel like I finished the challenge properly. I have been limping home from just past the halfway mark.

Walked to the finish

I had hoped that I’d be able to get by with short diary posts filling out between larger more fleshed out posts of greater interest to me. I didn’t really achieve that for the whole way. A bit like a someone with ok fitness that tries to run a marathon without training and walks the 2nd half. They finish, but they didn’t run the whole way.

At least I got to the end

Having said that, I had no expectation of getting here, to be honest. What value there is in that, or not I haven’t thought about at too much length. As I have said previously, I think I will save my postmortem until later. What did I get out of it, if anything, was it worth it, was it pointless, did I really do it justice how I wanted to? I will have to ponder.

Thanks all for participating and interacting and all the best to those still slogging away.

so it goes.