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Aug 01, 14:00

Thought I could use the open library covers API to retrieve book covers with an ISBN. Which, in theory, I can.

But the vast majority of what I've searched for so far have no cover, so it's kind of not worth it.

The data is editable, so I could contribute the covers myself... But the site gives zero guidance on what is acceptable.

Can I just download the cover from the authors website and upload it, because fair use... Or is that a no-no?

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Jul 23, 15:20

well... I think I've fixed it. I've no idea why it was broken and no clue why the CSS I've changed has fixed it. Moreover, it's not exactly the fix I was looking for but it'll do.

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Jul 22, 13:22

Ah, hubris.
It would seem that the code blocks, on the list page, knacker the content widths at certain resolutions.

And after trying to figure it out for 90 minutes, I'm still completely bemused by it.

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Jul 08, 12:02

Filled a small paddling pool to try and cool the dog down this morning. She quickly drank as much of the water as she could manage, spent the following hour puking most of it back up, and now has a near constant stream of piss coming out of her.

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Jul 07, 13:02

Fediverse followers, note there will still be a fair bit of testing spam coming out of this account while I work out the kinks of my Gotosocial<==>Hugo nonsense.

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Jul 07, 09:37

Girl, 8, dies in Land Rover crash

This death, like the rest, is a baked-in consequence of our choices.

From road laws and enforcement, through infrastructure design, right down into the setup of our communities, and the function of modern living being designed around the necessity of flinging multi-tonne juggernauts around the place just to go about your day in any normal fashion.

And collectively, we've decided it's fine, for example, to have hundreds of Panzer tanks driving past schools every day.

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Jul 07, 09:23

Managing Hugo content in a submodule

Suddenly I had this thought today when pondering using different writing tools. Looks like plenty of people do it so might give it a go. Keep the writing completely separate from the website. Decoupling all the things.

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Jul 07, 00:25

Webfinger (and similar systems) can store meta data about an actor, but we seem to only use webfinger for endpoint / uri discovery.

My understanding is that we ask a social media server (e.g. a mastodon instance) for the ActivityPub outbox for "" and maybe some other info.

But I'm sure it can store anything we like, so why not social graph stuff? I'm mainly thinking about connections and interests.

E.g. mine would list all the ActivityPub accounts I follow and then a list of topics I'm interested in. Then everyone in that list who I follow would have a file that did the same.

Why then, can I not query these files for all ActivityPub accounts, up to 4 degrees of separation away, that are interested in Cycling or Football?

I feel like the fediverse in missing a trick. It's a halfway house between an algorithm on-boarding you and the cack-handed manual discovery that is being relied on currently.

But this is such an obvious thought, I must be missing something.

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Jul 04, 11:54

My days are spent on handover meetings and writing half finished thoughts and observations in a wiki. It's a hoot.

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Jul 04, 00:39

Perhaps the compromise is to copy the files between the folders on the server.

And upload them to the repository.

But omit the images from the rsync to the server.

Removes one leg of the round trip, and keeps the repository source completely intact.

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Jul 04, 00:35

When dealing with images I upload here, I need to send the images from Gotosocial to my Hugo blog.

Do I maintain the purity of the Hugo GitHub repo even though it's a wildly inefficient round trip? It's basically moving an image file from /gotosocial/storage to /var/www/images but via

Do I just make the Gotosocial code copy the image to the folder I need it, meaning the Hugo site is not fully self-contained in GitHub. I.e. I can't just clone the repo and run Hugo to have a fully functional and complete site.

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Jul 04, 00:27

The Dev team at CurrentEmployer Plc consists of 5 Devs of varying abilities. 4 of us have been at the company about 12 months and 1 guy about 6 years.

This person is leaving and so obviously there's a tremendous amount of knowledge transfer and documentation that needs doing.

Déjà vu all over again. Single points of failure and institutional memory.

Oh, and of course we've been told that managing a smooth handover is the absolute overriding priority* for the team.

*but existing priorities are also important and should not suffer.

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Jul 03, 17:34

And, in theory, it should handle fediverse replies as well.

I would like to have it infer when something is a response to an internet article, e.g. Detect if the first line of a post is a URL, in which case assume the post is "in response to".

What's also not done yet are deletes and attachments.

Deletes should be simple... Media attachments... Not so much.

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